Selling the Best Handbell Method on the Market for Over 25 Years!!

The Kristal Bell Method is a totally original color handbell method using color-coded cards and fully orchestrated music. Easily enables young children to seniors to produce beautiful handbell music.

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Would love to see an update to your website where orders can be place online.


This has been a huge blessing to a group of special needs adults in my care. We practice weekly and are always surprised at how many can participate and learn and improve. They now perform for families and visitors several times a year and sound fantastic! Thanks for making a real difference in our program.

Jill Shockley

We have a small sunday school class at our church and as a gift in memory of one of our members the family bought these for our sunday school as she loved music and children. We've been playing these for two years in church and it's such a rewarding feeling watching the kids get so excited to play the bells and be a part of the worship and see the happy tears from the congregation. I'm ordering more songs so we can change it up a bit! Love these so much!

South Dakota

I remember playing the bells when I was a little girl and have always loved them! We have recently begun reintroducing the bells into our current kids choir and the congregation. I love sharing this experience with the kids in my choir and hope to continue well into my old age.

Ronda Underwood

I love Kristal Bell Method. Everyone at church loves to hear our kids play the bells. Now, I just need to buy more songs. Our church has the budget now and I can buy several - a complete library of songs in fact.

Beverly Pauxtis

Years ago we got the bells at our church (we have cassette tapes!!!) We took a small cassette recorder and rang the bells when it was our turn for ringing the Salvation Army Bell at Christmas. People stopped and listened. Time has passed and we have about 10 titles with cards.

Karen Whitmyre

Thank you Kristal Bell Method Staff! I am an Activity Director for seniors and have started a bell choir in every place I've worked. This is the best, easiest, and most fun way for seniors to play music. They love to sing and play the songs and we take our bell choir around to other places to perform. You have been such a wonderful company to do business with. We have almost every song you have and we really hope you can make more songs for us to continue to enjoy. Thank you!

Katy Parfitt
North Carolina

The children in our church really enjoy ringing. Not much practice is needed. The director nods her head and holds that chord card up for that beat, then puts it down for them to recognize who plays the next measure. "Mistakes" aren't obvious with the CD melody in the background. Our children are exposed to a wider variety of music and feel special participating in the worship service. Also, we anticipate this will futher their love of music and a desire to learn.

Nancy Knapp Neilson

Wonderful customer service! I needed help in choosing songs and received excellent advice, especially valuable since I don't have a musical background but am the only one to direct our children's bell choir. Our kids won't sing, but they love to ring!!!

Drucilla Wrasse

I first saw the 8 note colored handbells used at an annual homeschool end of year get together and was completely taken with the children. I actually had tears in my eyes as I watched them perform a medley of children's worship tunes. Two of my own children had just learned to play them 10 minutes before they performed the song. The woman who was leading them had very little musical training or ability. Yet she was able to keep several hundred children and parents captivated as the song played out. I was hooked, got the name and telephone number of the company that sold the bells and music and immediatley sent away for 4 sets of bells and 4 songs.

Gene Maxwell
North Carolina

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