Selling the Best Handbell Method on the Market for Over 25 Years!!

The Kristal Bell Method is a totally original color handbell method using color-coded cards and fully orchestrated music. Easily enables young children to seniors to produce beautiful handbell music.

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I was given a set of bells to borrow, but am missing the bakground CD to Jingle Bells and Go Tel it on the Mountain. Can I order these CDs separately?

Susan Mosebrook

Its hard to find a cd player nowadays… please add songs we could download w our cellphones/computers. Most speakers we use are w songs on blue tooth.

Karina Smith

child and adults at church love these bells. Hope to see new songs on list. thanks


What great customer service from Kristal Bell Method, Co. (Thanks, Jan!) We are adding two more songs to our music library. (We will have ten now!) This started on a whim and for Sunday School, but is now a very enjoyable part of our bi-annual preschool programs. It is so easy for the kids to play, without much practice at all. The kids love playing, and their families love watching. (It's such a hoot sometimes!)


Sorry, I should have left my email: Thanks!

Karl Marzolf

I just received my order and I noticed there is some background buzz on the Blessed Assurance CD when the music begins on the performance track. It's not a big deal, but I was wondering if that just part of the original recording or if somehow it is unique to the CD I received? It's not a big deal, I was just wondering. Thanks!

Karl Marzolf

I just moved to Florida from Illinois and brought my bells with me. But I have used them in a couple of years and can’t remember how to use the cards. The intro is on the last card and so you have this card out front. How do you see the count? Can you call and let us know because my housekeeper is going to use them at her church at a senior living mobile home park. My number is 630-399-1319. Thank you.

Carolyn rogers

Would love to see an update to your website where orders can be place online.


This has been a huge blessing to a group of special needs adults in my care. We practice weekly and are always surprised at how many can participate and learn and improve. They now perform for families and visitors several times a year and sound fantastic! Thanks for making a real difference in our program.

Jill Shockley

We have a small sunday school class at our church and as a gift in memory of one of our members the family bought these for our sunday school as she loved music and children. We've been playing these for two years in church and it's such a rewarding feeling watching the kids get so excited to play the bells and be a part of the worship and see the happy tears from the congregation. I'm ordering more songs so we can change it up a bit! Love these so much!

South Dakota

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